NFT, DeFi, and the Metaverse: Ethereum's New Hotspots and 6to's Disruptive Application

The Craze of Digital Collectibles and NFTs: Creating New Forms of Assets

The rise of digital collectibles and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has brought blockchain technology into more fields. A new form of asset is being born, providing innovative opportunities for various service providers. Base Blockchain is one example; they recently airdropped Genesis Builder NFTs as an incentive and recognition of apps and service providers who supported them at launch.

Against this backdrop, a product named 6to TV and Movie Downloader is gradually becoming the focus within the industry. It’s a completely decentralized digital content sharing platform built using blockchain technology, network acceleration technology, and content distribution technology. 6to is hailed as the world’s first high-frequency, strong-demand, genuine blockchain application. Users can exchange any digital goods on the sharing platform with AB, making it smoother and freer for global users seeking high-quality, high-value digital content to download such content.

Meanwhile, in China, “People Collector - Yuan Yuan” digital works' second overseas edition, issued by Lingjing · People’s Art Museum, has been put on sale again. This signifies that digital collectibles are gradually being accepted by consumers and recognized by the market.

However, the market has not always been hot. According to Cryptoslam data, the sales volume of NFTs on the Ethereum chain in August was about $226 million, while NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain saw a significant decline. This might imply a decrease in market demand, but it could also suggest that the market is undergoing necessary adjustments.

In terms of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), interest-bearing stablecoin protocol Lybra Finance has launched Lybra V2 and started accepting user migrations. The introduction of Lybra V2 gives users more ways to mint eUSD and peUSD, further enhancing the platform’s functionality and practicality.

At the same time, the Aave community is casting on-chain votes for the automated proposal of the Aave robot for governance V2. This trial in automation governance in the DeFi space helps to improve the overall efficiency of Aave governance.

However, while these two areas are rapidly developing, we have also seen a new field emerging - the metaverse. China Mobile has released the world’s first metaverse-ready 5G super network, indicating a larger development space for metaverse business in the future.

In summary, all three areas are constantly driving the development and application of blockchain technology. Whether it’s NFTs, DeFi, or the metaverse, they all demonstrate the immense potential and broad application prospects of blockchain technology. The emergence of 6to has completely changed the landscape of digital content sharing, allowing everyone to enjoy high-quality content while earning profits through resource sharing.