What is 6To?

6To is a completely decentralized digital content sharing software platform based on blockchain technology, network acceleration technology and content distribution technology. Digital content publishers can make full use of redundant idle bandwidth resources and high-quality digital content to gain revenue. Downloaders can use 6To to exchange high-quality digital products. Joining the AB Rewards Program (the users) can also continue to earn AB revenue through sharing resources. This will make downloading of high-quality, high-value digital content globally more enjoyable and free. It is hailed as the world’s first true blockchain application with high frequency and high demand.


Unimpeded Digital Content Worldwide

Anthropogenic geographical restrictions will be broken through AlphaBiz application, and users can unimpededly retrieve and download digital content from all over the world.

Fastest Transmission Speed

Based on the Content Distribution Technology and Decentralized Shared CDN Network Ecology, users will experience the digital content transmission with the fastest speed and the lowest cost.

Fair and Secure Copyright

Registering the user’s copyrights and modifying records through the blockchain protects the copyrights from infringement, which will make the commercialization more efficient and fair.

Equivalent and Permanent Value

Through Smart Contracts, the equality between users' revenue and their sharing of bandwidth resources and contents will be ensured, which is undeniable and helps to obtain the greatest degree of preservation.


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